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Bullying Prevention Policy

At Seville Primary School, we are dedicated to ensuring a safe and respectful learning environment for all our students. Bullying in any form will not be tolerated. Our Whole School Bullying Policy outlines our commitment to preventing and addressing bullying behaviour within our school community.

This can be found on our website here and our broader policies here. A simple summary can be found below:

Key Objectives:

  • Understanding Bullying: We define bullying as an ongoing and deliberate misuse of power in relationships through repeated verbal, physical, or social behaviour intended to cause harm. This definition helps our community have a shared understanding of what constitutes bullying.
  • Zero Tolerance: Bullying will not be tolerated at Seville Primary School under any circumstances.
  • Preventive Strategies: We have various programs and initiatives to build a positive school culture and prevent bullying, such as the Respectful Relationships initiative and the Safe Schools program.
  • Alertness and Reporting: We encourage everyone in our community to be alert to signs of bullying and to report any incidents to school staff promptly.
  • Investigation and Support: All reported bullying incidents are thoroughly investigated and addressed. We provide support to all students affected by bullying, including targets, bystanders, and those exhibiting bullying behaviour.
  • Parental and Peer Support: We seek the support of parents and peers in preventing and addressing bullying.

Response to Bullying Behaviour:

  • Proportional and Constructive: We aim to respond to bullying in a way that is proportional, consistent, and focused on finding constructive solutions.
  • Restorative Approach: Our goal is to stop the bullying and restore relationships between students involved.
  • Duty of Care: School staff are committed to taking reasonable steps to reduce the risk of harm caused by bullying.

Scope of the Policy:

This policy applies to all school activities, including camps and excursions, and addresses bullying behaviour both during and outside school hours if it impacts student wellbeing and safety.

Reporting and Investigation:

  • Encouraging Reporting: Students and parents are encouraged to report bullying incidents to school staff or the Wellbeing Coordinator, Danielle Henderson.
  • Thorough Investigation: Reports of bullying are investigated promptly and sensitively, involving discussions with all parties and taking detailed notes.
  • Appropriate Responses: Depending on the severity and circumstances, responses may include wellbeing support, restorative meetings, mediation, and disciplinary consequences.

But what does this look like in action:

  • Every week we explicitly teach our Wellbeing lessons (delivered by Ms. Caudwell) targeted in various areas including student safety.
  • We also cover bullying concerns through our Resilience Project (delivered by all classroom teachers).
  • In every classroom we have the escalating steps so all students are aware of staged consequences (seen below) with teachers getting a greater detailed version (sampled below) so all members of our school are aware of how to support our students proactively, along with consequences if found to be doing the wrong thing.
  • To pre-emptively support a slight increase of inappropriate activity (that we noticed when looking at the data) during recess and lunch, we introduced a third member of staff for every yard duty towards the end of 2023. This has continued in 2024.
  • Along with this, we increased the delivery of Physical Education curriculum (from 30 minutes pre 2023 to an hour every week from 2024 onwards). The concept with this increase was to work with our students around appropriate play and sportsmanship across all facets of education.

  • As a team we also monitor every issue or concerns (both raised from our community as well as what we have internally identified) to ensure that supports and a proactive approach is put in place. Below is deidentified table of what the staff look at and work towards on a weekly basis, with the second image showing everything captured over the year. This key information ensure that we continue to take a proactive approach in all measure of student safety and move us from a reactive to proactive approach in this manner.

Contact Information

Parents or carers who have concerns around bullying or student safety should be contacting their child’s classroom teacher. Further to this, they can reach out to our Assistant Principal of Student Wellbeing, Danielle Henderson or school Principal Christopher Dossor by phone at 9564 4557, or Compass or via email at Together, we can create a positive and supportive environment where every student feels safe and respected. Thank you for your ongoing support in helping us achieve this goal.