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Exciting News: Upgrading Our Bottom Basketball Court!

We are thrilled to announce that Seville Primary School is upgrading our old (and dare I say dangerous) bottom basketball court to a brand-new, state-of-the-art multipurpose rubber court! This upgrade (long overdue) will also include the installation of lighting and water facilities, making it a fantastic resource for our students and community to enjoy various activities safely and comfortably.

The new multipurpose court will not only serve as a basketball court but also be suitable for a variety of sports and activities, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among our students. The addition of lighting means that the court can be used during the evening, extending its usability and providing more opportunities for after-school activities and community events. With water facilities in place, the space will be well-equipped for various needs, ensuring a versatile and practical environment.

This significant improvement would not be possible without the incredible efforts of our fundraising team, who have worked tirelessly to bring in close to $50,000 to support this project. Their dedication (and all volunteers, most recently the School Fete) and hard work have ensured that our students will have access to a safe and modern space for sports and recreation. We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the parents, families, and community members who have contributed to the fundraising efforts. Your support and generosity have made this dream a reality.

We are also grateful to the numerous local businesses and sponsors who have supported our fundraising initiatives. Their contributions have played a crucial role in helping us reach our goal. This project is a testament to what we can achieve when we work together as a community, and we are excited to see the positive impact it will have on our students and their overall school experience.

Construction is set to begin as soon as possible with a more detailed timeline forthcoming and we will keep you updated on the progress. We look forward to celebrating the completion of the new multipurpose court with a special opening ceremony, where we can all come together to appreciate this fantastic new addition to our school.

Stay tuned for more updates, and once again, thank you for your unwavering support and commitment to Seville Primary School.

Warm regards,

Chris Dossor (on behalf of our amazing School Council)
Principal, Seville Primary School