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Growing and Learning Together

​Seville Primary School stands as a distinctive and picturesque educational institution. Nestled atop the hill in the heart of Seville Township, our location provides breathtaking views of the surrounding valley farmlands and ranges. Spanning a generous 5 acres, our school grounds, resembling a sprawling paddock, offer abundant space for students to explore. Boasting playgrounds, basketball courts, an oval, and shaded grass areas, we foster a love for the outdoors and promote an active lifestyle, evident in our school’s numerous sporting accomplishments.

With a rich history spanning over 130 years, Seville Primary School has been dedicated to serving the local community. We cherish our past, embracing our Wurundjeri heritage, while simultaneously focusing on shaping the future for our students. Strong community bonds with local families, businesses, and sporting clubs contribute to the development of community-minded citizens, offering real-world learning experiences.

The Seville Primary School community comprises an exceptional group of families and friends united in support of the school. The enthusiasm and friendliness of our community members enable us to undertake projects that enhance our learning spaces and maintain our expansive grounds, ensuring a safe and engaging environment for our students.

Our committed staff members are devoted to tailoring learning opportunities to the unique needs of individual students. Whether in literacy, numeracy, or our integrated curriculum, we empower students to pursue new knowledge and take charge of their learning goals. By providing resources and technologies that facilitate continual learning, we cultivate inquisitive learners and problem solvers poised to shape the future.

Our specialized programs encompass Physical Education, Art, Science, and Auslan. Notably, our Auslan program promotes sign language as a second language from Foundation through Year 6. Weekly sessions in our outdoor vegetable garden allow students to cultivate and care for plants and vegetables, later utilized in our school kitchen for cooking activities.

At Seville Primary School, we assure parents that each child joining our community will receive personalized attention for their academic, social, and emotional development. Our holistic approach to education emphasizes caring for the whole child, and we take immense pride in witnessing our students evolve into respectful and resilient lifelong learners. As encapsulated in our motto, we are dedicated to ‘Growing and Learning Together.’

​Christopher Dossor